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Best Free Visitor Statistics for a WordPress Blog

You have placed your new flashy wordpress theme, you have added a few quality articles and you are a proud man now. You are sure there are some visitors reading your blog posts already but you want all the details and you are right. Visitor tracking and detailed statistics is a vital parameter you need to follow so your blog can grow and head towards the right direction. I can help you about this by recommending some tried and tested tools/plugins.

1) If you are running wordpress blog, chances are you have met Statspress plugin. It is a great real-time tool for counting daily and monthly visitors with all the small details like: browser, Operating System, Country, IP, and complete referring details also . It is very practical and detailed for a new blog, but once your blog starts getting more than 1000 unique visitors a day, it becomes quite a burden on your server with huge database load it causes with constant writing and queries to the database.  The plugin’s database table (wp_statspress) gets so large, many hundreds of megabytes and the only solution I found around this is to empty the table each week, which is manual job and so boring.

Statspress plugin:
statspress plugin visitors

2) Statcounter.com is a great free tool, widely-used all across the world and it needs just a simple JavaScript code inserted in all pages of your website/ blog and provides you with simple real-time, easy-to-study stats information and referrers. it is worth mentioning that it is a web-based service and doesn’t take any of your server’s resources.


Choosing the Right Domain Name

When starting your business online, it is very important to choose the right domain name. Choosing the best domain name option will greatly increase your chances in getting top rankings in the following months and years so it is imperative to do it wisely.

choose domain name namecheap

I have ranked more than 200 domains and brought them on the first page of Google, many of them in a sacred top 3 positions. I’m passionate at doing keyword research and sometimes when I’m tired of work I simply load up my tools and start my journey in researching new niches. It feels like rotating the globe and planning my next travel adventure.

Important: The task of choosing a domain name should be undertaken after and only after thorough and careful keyword research.

1) Obviously the first choice in choosing the best domain option is getting  YourBrand.COM (usually free) or BestKeywordPhrase.COM (usually taken). Choosing a .COM domain will give you a huge boost in rankings and N1 page at Google welcomes you with only a few good links (it all depends on the competition) or no links at all with some not so competitive keywords/keyword phrases.

2) The second option is to register BestKeywordPhrase.ORG or BestKeywordPhrase.NET, they are the second best option and still carry a starting bonus and will help you rank the keyword, although with increased effort in off-page SEO (basically backlinks heading towards your page).

3a) BestKeywordPhraseX.COM, BestKeywordPhraseV.COM, BestKeywordPhraseReview.COM, BestKeywordPhraseNews.COM, BestKeywordPhraseInfo.COM or similar.

3b) Best-KeywordPhrase.COM or BestKeyword-Phrase.COM

4) .INFO and .BIZ domains are next on the list, they are a cheaper option but they were abused in the past and according to my experience they need much more time and quality backlinks to rank.

5) All other exact match domain names with different extensions carry a small bonus right from the start.

Our recommended domain registrar is NameCheap.com, all our domains are there, they impress with clear and simple easy-to-use interface suitable for beginners and more advanced Internet Marketers.

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